#SpeakEasy includes

1. All SpeakEasy MasterClasses are INCLUDED* 

2. 1on 1 session at the beginning of your membership

3. Elite and Goddess members receive 1 session per month of 1on1 coaching included in their membership**
3. Access to all Trainers Monday - Friday!  Every weekday you will have access  to the trainers and Virginia by comment within the #SpeakEasy exclusive Facebook group.

4. EXCLUSIVE LIVE coaching almost every day of the week-  Trainers go live to teach and answer questions exclusively for this community only.  

5. A Mastermind Tribe of like-minded souls that are driven to help each other build their business on Facebook.  This community is thriving with people that are masters at building businesses on social media and also have years of soul work training.  Feel free to ask questions and get support from the whole community

7. Learn how to work your business using your 6th sense/ intuition/inner guidance system within the Facebook Private Coaching Group.

8. Training on How to Stop Being SALEZY Selling to your Audience and start connecting authentically to attract your perfect customers within the Facebook Private Coaching Group.

9. Extensive Uplevel work that aids you to get to your next level! 

* For access to recorded previous bootcamps or the courses after they are live in the SpeakEasy you can purchase "The Advanced Exclusive Content" and you will have all previous courses and future courses as long as you are a subscribed member.

**current rate for additional private coaching is based on each individual coach and can range from $60 - $180 for a 30 minute session.


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